Coca a Catalan word which refers to Catalan cake which has either sweet or savory toppings. Catalan Coca is a very popular flat and oval shaped pastry that is often made of unleavened bread or, sometimes, a sort of Victoria sponge . The texture can vary from dry and flaky to moist or spongy, and the ingredients and toppings range from sugar, anisette pine nuts and dried fruit to tangy fried onion and green pepper. Traditionally, different Coques are made for each feast day, the most notable and popular Coca which has a sweet toppings is Coca de Sant Joan , which is leavened, candied and glazed. Some Coques are covered with Pine nuts (Pinyon or Piñones). Coca de Llardons is made with sugared Chicharrones (pork scratchings) and served and eaten during the Carnival week before Lent. All types of Coca is best served with Cava. The sweet Coca versions are often named after a Saint and traditionally served on the feast (Fiesta) of that Saint, the main one being Coca de San Joan (St John), which has a candied fruit topping. Other Coques are just made with sugar or pine nuts. Coca Amb Xocolate, another kind of Coca has a stuffing of rich dark chocolate and is best serve as breakfast dish. The savory topped Coques are eaten everyday and are often made with Samfaina with the addition of anchovies, sardines, sausages, and many more. Sweet Coques are oblong in shape and large ones can be bought by the slice, while savory Coques can be either oblong or more frequently are made in baking trays and sold in squares.

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