- Strudel /Strudel (Pastry) : Strudel refers to paper or wafer thin pastry rolled around sweet fillings of fruit, nuts, or cheese or savory fillings. Strudel is the generic name for a rectangle of strudel pastry spread with a sweet or savory filling, layered or rolled up and baked. Strudel Pastry is made from white bread flour, beaten egg, melted butter, vinegar or lemon zest and salt, or other version with milk and sugar. These ingredients are all mixed to a form a dough, rested, then rolled out and stretched until thin, lastly layered to build up thickness. Savory versions of Strudel are similar to the Russian Coulibiac. Sweet strudels are Turos Retes (Cheese Strudel) and the famous Alma Retes/Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel) from Hungary/Austria Strudel is common in Austria and Hungary, but it originated in the Middle East and brought to Europe in the 15th century with the Ottoman invasions. Apfelstrudel is also popular in Germany and whenever I go to my favorite bakeshop and see Apfelstrudel I definitely buy some slices. I learned to love apples especially when it is made into a Strudel or Tart.

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