English: Sour rice cake / Deutsch: Saurer Reiskuchen / Español: Pastel de arroz agrio / Português: Bolo de arroz azedo / Français: Gâteau de riz acide / Italiano: Torta di riso acida /

Agkud refers to the traditional rice or sugar cane wine of highlanders from Luzon and Mindanao islands of the Philippines. A rice-based yeast is prepared and added to cook rice to produce wine.

Indigenous people from Bukidnon province call their yeast Tapey and the resulting wine is Agkud. Igorots and the Ilokanos from the northern part of the Philippines call their yeast Tapuy and the resulting rice wine Bubud.

The names differ, but the preparation and the resulting wine and ist taste are essentially the same.

I remembered that when we were young, my Dad and his sister were making tapuy and then after several days, they already have the rice wine Bubud. My father originated from Ilocos Sur.

Agkud is also known as , Bubud or Tapuy.

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