Bannock refers originally to a Scottish flatbread which is made usually of oatmeal and lard, baked on a "girdle," or iron plate, suspended over an open fire. The name was brought to Northern Canada by early explorers and traders of Scottish origin, so it has become the name of the common flat soda bread made in Northern Canada. Berries or bits of fish or game may be cooked into the bread.
Other definition:
Bannock refers to a large, round traditional Scottish cake of made from barley, wheat or oatmeal, varying according to region. It is a cross between a scone and a pancake

Baked on a griddle, this traditional Scottish cake is usually made of barley meal and oatmeal. Bannocks are sometimes flavored with almonds and orange peel and are particularly popular at breakfast or high tea. Bannocks are now commonly served with cheese.

Bannock is pronounced "ban-nuhk"
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