English: Caipirinha / Deutsch: Caipirinha / Español: Caipirinha / Português: Caipirinha / Français: Caipirinha / Italiano: Caipirinha /

Caipirinha refers to the national and traditional cocktail and most popular drink from Brazil made from the most common and and indigenous spirit called Cachaça (also known as Caninha), lime wedges and sugar , preferably raw sugar or Turbinado sugar.

Cachaça is Brazil's liquor/ a native spirit made from sugarcane which gives these drinks their distinctive flavor.

Caipirinha is made by muddling limes with sugar and then adding the Cachaça.

Caipirinha is pronunced "Kai-pee-reen-ya" and Cachaça is pronounced "Ka-shah-suh".

Below is a picture of Caipirinha which I enjoyed with some friends one Saturday night in a disco bar in Vienna, Austria

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