List if Common Fruits Found in Malaysia It should be noted that that the Malay name of Fruit is sometimes preceded by Buah which means fruit in Malay, hence, papaya which means "Betik" in Malaysian can be called simply as Betik or Buah Betik. Here is the list: Pineapple - Nanas / Buah Nanas Watermelon - Tembikai / Buah Tembikai Papaya - Betik / Buah Betik Banana - Pisang / Buah Pisang Mango - Mempelam / Buah Mempelam Starfruit - Belimbing / Buah Belimbing Grape - Anggur / Buah Anggur Durian and Rambutan as such and there is no further translations, everybody knows what is Durian. and what is Rambutan, even in Germany, Rambutan is called Rambutan. But I have not seen any Durian around. Manggis is Malay for "mangosteen"

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