English: Book-Book / Deutsch: Buch-Buch / Español: Libro-Libro / Português: Livro-Livro / Français: Livre-Livre / Italiano: Libro-Libro /

Libro-Libro refers to a kind of tripe from the third stomach of the cattle, cow or ox called the Omasum which is the part of the cattle's (cow or ox) stomach which filters through all the food the cattle eats and where cud is broken down and pressed further. Libro is literally translated as "book" in the Philippines. In Cebu, a province in the Visayas, Libro-Libro is called Mandunggo, which sounds like Mondongo, the name of tripe in Panama and Colombia In English, Libro-Libro is known as Book Tripe, Thick Seam Tripe, Bible Tripe or Leaf Tripe since it looks like pages or leaves of a book.

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