Verenets refer to Russian fermented baked milk. It is a milk delicacy based on baked milk made with almost the same technology, as Ryazhenka. However, Bulgarian or Acidophillian sour-milk bacillus is usually added to the ferment of clear cultures of sour-milk streptococcus. The Acidophilus bacteria which participates in fermentation of wholesome milk possess antibiotic qualities, particularly to suppress tuberculosis bacillus. But unlike the strong medicines, their actions do not cause dangerous side effects. This is what many call "sour-milk natural healing". The Bulgarian bacillus, inserted in the complex ferment of Varenets, normalizes the activity of the digestive system; stimulates the work of the liver and the blood system; protects the organism from food allergy; prevents the development of bacterium and sepsis; and works as a prophylactic means of intestinal disbacteriosis. Aside from its delicious and original taste, Verenets is popular among the people because of its health benefits.

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