Wedding is a big thing in Kerala, India. It is one big feast of love with family members from near and far and of course almost all the neighbors in the community are all invited from the engagement party to the pre-dinner party up to the wedding day. Almost three (3) days of celebrations and lots of foods.

For a big wedding of those who has a big budget, especially thosewho are getting married and working abroad they serve Sadya, a food feast.

One of the components of a Sadya is Papadam, the crispy, deep-fried cakes from South of India, including Kerala. It is a must to serve Papadam in ever meal. In every meal that I ate in every home that I was blessed to have visited, they served me Papadam even there is already rice.

Here is how they cook Papadam in bunches for a big wedding feast in Allepey, a district of Kerala.