Adidas is the Philippines term for chicken feet which are marinated and grilled. It is one of the street foods sold in almost all street food stalls in the Philippines. A dish which is called simply "Chicken Feet" is cooked adobo style until the skin are soft and melts in the mouth. Mostly offered as part of "dimsum" cart in most Chinese restaurants.

Called Adidas because Adidas brand of shoes is synonymous to feet.

Personal Note: I have never tried eating Adidas in the Philippines, I really think that I will never do that at all, but I have eaten a lot of times "Chicken Feet" from reputable Chinese eateries and restaurants and my mom cooked this too when we were small and believe it or not, Chicken Feet when properly cooked and melts in the mouth is heavenly. I have not tried eating Chicken Feet in Chinese restuarants in Germany. I dont even know if they will be offering Chicken feet here.

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