Amuse-Gueule is the French word referrring to a small savory appetizer. In some restaurants, they are usually free or included in the price. In the most literal sense, Amuse Gueule translates from the French as an amusement for the mouth. Amuse-Gueule (gueule is slang for mouth but in fact means animal's mouth. In a culinary sense Amuse Gueule refer to tiny, mouth size morsels of intricately designed food that is presented to the diner before a meal. Amuse-Gueule, Amuse-Bouche , Amusee, Petite Amuse, and Lagniappe are used interchangeably to describe these tasty morsels or appetizers. Amuse-Bouche is considered more polite than Amuse-Gueule and is usually used on menus in more refined restaurants Amuse-Gueule is pronounced "ah-mooz guhl". Plural form is Amuse-Gueules
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