Byaslag refer to the Mongolian cheese from the milk of cattle, yaks, goats, or sheep. However, the milk of yak and cattle is most commonly used to make Byaslag. The overall taste of Mongolian cheese is somewhat bland compared to other European cheeses as it does not get to ripen. In Mongolia, fresh slices of cheeses are eaten as a snack. Cheeses which became hard is often soaked in tea and is also added to soups. To make a Byaslag, boil the milk, and add a small amount of Kefir. After the milk has curdled, lift out the solid components with a large cloth. Let most of the remaining liquid drip off, and when no more liquid remains, press the solid mass between some wooden boards with a weight. In a nomadic household like the Mongolians, it is not possible to let the cheese ripen as it is done in the other cheese making traditions, like storing, turning, salting, and other procedures to have a good tasting cheese. To preserve their cheese, they are cut into slices and then dried.
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