Büfe is the Turkish general word for: snack bar; kiosk, canteen, lunch corner, soda fountain, bar, convinience store or stall, etc. In Turkey, particularly in cities like Istanbul, the Büfe plays an important role in the daily life of the city and its dwellers. Büfe are found in some corner streets where the locals can easily purchased simple things, like cigarettes, sodas, beers, magazines, breads, sandwiches, few brands of canned goods, etc. In Germany, where many Turkish are already residing, some Büfe can also be found managed by the Turkish. While living in Hamburg, we also go to a Büfe owned by a Turkish family whenever we need some few things, besides, I found Turkish friendly and nice, so I see to it that whenever I walked with my husband around our area, we pass by there to buy something, not only because they have sometings which I can't buy in a grocery, but most of all because they are so friendly to a newbie like me and for me it is one place where I can talk in crooked German and still they try to understand. It was also in a Turkish Büfe where I found my first can of corned beef and aubergine. For me, Büfe is a a place like home, where I can be with my friendly neighbors.
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