- Captain Blign (William Blign) : Captain Blign is William Blign (1754-1817) who is said to be the one who brought Breadfruit and Otaheiti Apple in the Caribbean. William Blign was a naval officer and colonial governor who was born in Plymouth on 9th September 1754. He was the only son of Francis Bligh. He was an intelligent man, well-versed in science and mathematics and was also a talented writer and illustrator. But it is said that when not at sea, Bligh also worked as a "bouncer" at the Cornish Arms public house in St. Tudy. At 7 years of age, William Bligh first went to sea in 1762 as a Captain’s personal servant on board HMS Monmouth. In 1770, he joined the Royal Navy where he served on HMS Hunter and became a Midshipman in 1771 serving on HMS Crescent and HMS Ranger. At age 22, he was appointed as the Sailing Master on the Resolution, commanded by Captain James Cook. However, this voyage ended with the death of Cook on 14th of February 1779 in Hawaii which at that time was still known as the Sandwich islands. In 1787 aged 33, he was given command of "The Bounty", a three (3) year old merchant ship, his mission was to transport breadfruit from Tahiti to the West Indies.

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