Elote refers to one of the popular street foods from Mexico which is actually a grilled/roasted corn on the cob. Generally, the corn is prepared  infront of the buyer, pierced with a wooden stick and then slathered with tangy mayonnaise. The mayonnaise is actually not the only topping itself, it is the  base for a more delicious  topping of  chili flakes, powdery Cotija Cheese and the obligatory squeeze of lime.

Cotija Cheese  is a hard, crumbly Mexican Cheese made primarily from cow’s milk which is used as an all-purpose grating or crumbling cheese.




Personal Note: In the Philippines, we are also fond of roasted corn on a cob, but we eat it plain and simple. When I visit my home country, I will try to make Elote. I can't probably find Cotija Cheese there, but Parmesan Cheese which is similar to Cotija is already available there. I will surely , surely, try this one.

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