- How to enter an Event :

An Event is either

  • A festival
  • A seminar
  • An Exhibition/Fair
  • or any other public gathering under the topic "food"

You can enter an event after your registration. You will get an Email with a link. After clicking, your account is activated and you can login and choose the menu item "Events" on the left of the page.


Enter the strat of the event in the form YYYY-MM-DD followed by the location and a short title.

If the location is not yet defined, you can re-edit the artivle later.


Enter a short description (no more than 2 lines). If you need more space, hit the "Read more" and continue after this.

Enter a date in the field "Finish Publishing", when the event should no longer be published.

The system will remove all events 7 days after it start.

Click on "Save"

Your event can be seen at once when you click on the left on "events" .

Keep the registration data. You need them, if you want to change the event description later.


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