Ice Cream Disher refers to a kitchen tool  intended chiefly for use in serving ice cream.  Ice Cream Disher is used to scoop or get neat, uniform, individual portions of Ice Cream from a bulk container. It is sometimes known as a "Scoop" or "Ice Cream Scooper"  as is the ball-like portion it serves.

There are usually two (2) types of Ice Cream Disher or Scoop in general use: (1)  Scoop  which has moving parts. This type consists of a metal hemisphere set at the end of a handle. Inside the hemisphere is a thin blade, curved to conform to the bowl. The device is pressed or dragged through the bulk ice cream, gatheriing a ball in the bowl. When a lever set on the handle is pressed, the blade passes over the interior of the hemisphere, cutting or scraping the Ice Cream ball loose; and (2) Scoop with a  much simpler  appearance and use. It is a deep-bowled spoon set on a sturdy handle. When it is dragged over the ice cream, a ball is formed in the bowl, and, the sides of the bowl not being as high as in the other type of disher, the Ice Cream ball is easily removed from the device.