Kabbesmeng also known as Kappesmeng refers to one of the traditional foods from Saarland, Germany. It is made from cooked mashed cabbage (Weisskohl or Weißkohl) mixed with chopped and crispy-fried smoked (Rauchfleisch) or dry meat (Dörrfleisch), like bacon and lastly seasoned with salt and pepper.

Kabbermeng is generally served in a soup plate (Suppenteller in German).It can also be served as a side dish for grilled or smoked meat, like Kassler.

Kabbes is Saarland's word for Weisskohl/Weißkohl or white cabbage in English. Kabbes is also spelled as Kappes, West Germany's word for white cabbage.

Meng is derived from the word "Vermengen" or Vermischen which means to mash or to mix.

Personal Note: Based on my further research about Kabbesmeng or Kappesmeng, I think that it is actually Sauerkraut. I hope that someone from Saarland can read this article so I am enlightened more about their dishes.

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