Pancit Habhab refers to one of the many kinds of noodle dish from the Philippines which traditionally served on the piece of banana leaf, drizzled with spicy vinegar and eaten without using the hands nor spoon or fork to put the noodles into the mouth , but directly thru ot to the mouth.

This is how Pancit Habhab is eaten:

Pancit Habhab is also called Pancit Lucban and is one of the popular street foods in Quezon, particularly in the Lucban. Pancit Lucban is also available elsewhere in the Philippines.

I tasted my first Pancit Habhab in Nagcarlan, Laguna. It is very much like other Pancit dishes in the Philippines with lots of vegetables (cabbage, carrots) and meat, the only difference is that, Pancit Habhab is eaten with vinegar.

Pictures of Pancit Habhab below:

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