Tokwa is a Filipino term that refers to firm /pressed soy bean curd. In the Philippines, Tokwa is famous for being  fried and mix with "cubed and  boiled baboy"(pig meat or pig ears) called  Tokwa't Baboy.

Tokwa is a good Substitute for meat for a complete vegetarian dish.

Below is a Picture of raw Tokwa which can be found in almost all wet markets (Palengke) in the Philippines and most big supermarkets selling foodstuffs. 


We call this Tokwa, soya bean curd. used for sauteeing with other vegetables to replace meat. Nice for frying and serve with delicious sauce made from soya sauce, vinegar, chopped red onions, minced garlic and Siling Labuyo (chilies) called Tokwa´t Baboy
Tokwa / Soy Bean Curd