Tuba refers to coconut or nipa sap drink from the Philippines which is drunk as is right after it was taken, the taste of which is on the sweet side. Sometimes, it is colored and flavored with barok (trunk of the laban tree) or fermented in air. In two (2) to three (3) days, it becomes a vinegar when not drunk.

It is obtained by cutting the end from a frond and daily collecting the sap that runs out.

In rural areas, tuba is available everywhere for a cheap price. It is about as alcoholic as wine, and has its own incomparable taste.

In Sagay and Silay City, Negros Occidental and also in Marinduque province where my mother comes from, fresh tuba is preferred. In La Paz, Leyte, very freshy taken tuba is called "stainless".

Bahal is a tuba which is four (4) days to several weeks old and Bahalina is a tuba which is several months to so many years so it is rare and expensive.

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