Yuba pronounced as yoobah is referring to tofu skin that is made from the thin film forming on top of hot soymilk by lifting it off and then dried in sheets or folded and dried in sticks It is used as a wrapper for ingredients such as spring or egg rolls, fried into chips, rolled and flavored, and in many other ways.
It taste creamy and with its nutlike flavor, it is often used in vegetarian dishes as a meat substitute. It is usually sold in most Asian markets. Yuba sheets can be used to wrap other foods and then it can be braised, deep-fried or steamed. The yuba have a bamboo look-alike quality. It can be deep-fried to a crispy brown, eaten alone or broken into pieces for use in other dishes.

Hand-made by monks at Solinan Temple in Kyoto, this soybean-based health food has long been acknowledged as one of the most nutritious foods of the Orient. It is believed that the First Chinese Emperor Qui Shihaung (B.C. 259 to 210) was responsible for the growth in popularity of yuba.
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