- Avial /Aviyal :

Avial is a vegetable curry from the south of India. 

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Moreover, Avial refers to one of the foods from India which is made from mixture of vegetables, coconut paste and green chilies. It is seasoned with a spoonful of fresh coconut oil and some raw curry leaves stirred in immediately after the dish is taken off the stove. 

Aviyal is made from assorted vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, drumstick, beans and others cooked in curd or coconut milk


Avial/Aviyal - Food from Kerala, India


Avial is one of the foods or traditional dishes from Kerala, a state in the south of India and one of the side dishes served included in Sadya.  Kerala  is famous for producing very good coconut oil and delicious vegetable dishes with coconut milk or cream

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