Almdudler refers to a sweet beverage/sofdrinks from Austria. It is the brandname of an Austrian sweetened carbonated beverage which is flavored with herbs; a refreshing lemonade drink.

Other Definition:

Almdudler refers to the national softdrink of Austria, a lemonade with herbs.

Personal Note: I lived in Austria for almost four (4) months and this drink becomes my favorite. Everywhere I eat, I never fail to order this drink, it is so refreshing. The first time I drunk it was in one of the Heuriger Traditional restaurants I visited with very special friends. friends I get to know in Austria whom I will never, never forget together with the Almdudler we drunk that special day. When i returned to Germany, and on my 53rd birthday, I searched for it in the Menu and I am so happy to learn that Almdudler is also available in Germany.

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