Achatine is a French word for land snail or Escargot that originated in Asia (China or Indonesia) which thrives in swamps and has an oversize pedicule. It is also reported that this giant snail has originated in West Africa, but were distrubuted in some other countries as a food source, but is now listed as one of the top 100 envasive species in the world.

It is said that the meat of Achatines are savory in taste and very tender, but the Helix are plumber and more tender than Achatine. This French Escargot is high in protein, minerals and Vitamin C and low in fat.

Achatine is often served in a rich, garlic butter sauce. Canned Achatines are available in the markets.

Achatine is also called Giant African snail , Giant East African Snail, Giant African land snail, Afrikanische Riesenschnecke in German and Escargot géant d'Afrique in French

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