English: Bêche-de-Mer / Deutsch: Seegurke / Español: Pepino de mar / Português: Holotúria / Français: Beche-de-mer / Italiano: Bêche-de-Mer /

Bêche-de-Mer (French) is a filipino term for sea slug, trepang, sea cucumber. Bêche de Mer is also the French word for sea slug, sea cucumber, in Malaysia, they are called trepang, in Japan, Namako, and in the Philippines, Balatan.

There are thousands of kinds of Bêche de Mer, among them are: Amberfish, Blackfish, Black Teatfish, Brown Sandfish, Curryfish, Elephants Trunks Fish, Greenfish, Lollyfish, Pinkfish, Prickly Redfish, Sandfish, Stonefish, Surf Redfish and White Teatfish.

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