Bliemch'ngaffee more popularly called Blümchenkaffee" refers to a Leipzig term for coffee with too much water that the flower design of the Maißer coffee cup used can be seen, means too much water for just few coffee, weak coffee as opposed to a strong dark coffee. Blümchenkaffee is now a term used in other parts of Germany to which is used indicate a weak coffee. If someone tells you that the coffee you serve is Blümchenkaffee it means you serve a weak coffee. Maißer Porzellan is a famous maker of porcelian products in Germany and one of their typical designs is dainty flower. Our visitors also called the coffee my husband and I serve for our Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) invitation as Blümchenkaffee because my husband does not want to put so much coffee into the coffee-making machine, instead of three full coffee scoopsfuls, he just used 2 scoopfuls, as he finds 3 spoonfuls so strong for him. Bremen is well-known for a very dark and strong coffee. As regarding the Maißer Porzellan, I dream of owning a coffee set from them because of their dainty designs which reminds me of our old porcelain set when we I was young youndg back in the Philippines, but even at Ebay where I bid for some Maißen pieces, the price becomes too high for me to win the bid. I made a number of bids so I can own one, with no success, I hope to be able to own one someday.

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