Cacao refers to the tropical, evergreen cacao tree is cultivated for its seeds (also called beans), from which cocoa butter, chocolate and cocoa powder are produced.

It is a beanlike seed of a tropical American evergreen tree, from which cocoa, cocoa butter, and chocolate are made. It is is botanically known as "Theobroma Cacao", the term Theobroma being compounded of two Greek words, which means "food for the gods." For many years this beverage, prepared from the cacao nut was a favorite in Mexico, then all over the world

Cacao is pronounced "kah-kay-oh" or "kah-kah-oh"

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"Cacao" is in the NAICS Code "311320"
  (Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturing from Cacao BeansCocoa butter made from cocoa beans)

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