Cencaluk  refer to salted baby shrimps/prawns or krill which are preserved/fermented and sold in jars or bottles usually in Asian food stores/groceries. It is a prouct of Malaysia which originated from Melaka, Malaysia and is an all time favorite food of Nyonyas.

Cencaluk is also spelled as Cincalok, Chincalok, Chi Cha Lok or Cincaluk is usually served as a condiment mixed with red chili, sliced shallots and squezzed of lime juice, but is also used to flavor other Malaysian dishes. If eaten directly without adding in other ingredients, Cencaluk taste veryy salty.

The little/baby  shrimp is usually called Udang Geragau and is in pinkish color.

Cencaluk is also known as Tapai Udang.

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