French Cheese and Food Pairing

French cheeses go surprisingly well with a number of different foods in addition to various types of bread and crackers.

Many fruits, both fresh and dried go well cheeses and are a regular on cheese boards in France.

Soft cheeses such as brie and camembert go exceptionally well with fresh fruits such as blackberries, figs and pears.

Pears, raisins and walnuts all go well with blue cheeses. In fact many types of nuts such as almonds and hazel nuts can add interest to your cheese board.

Kiwis, pineapple and cherries go well with semi hard cheeses such as Comte

Whether you make your own or buy jars from local markets, there are an outstanding number of chutneys available these days. Chutneys are a great accompaniment to cheeses, whether served with a cheeseboard, in sandwiches.

Honey is a delicious accompaniment to fresh cheeses such as fresh goat's cheese.

Figs are a frequent accompaniement to cheeses

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