Fa'i is the Samoan term for "Banana". In Samoa, there are many varieties of bananas existing, but all have the same characteristics and all are edible. The Samoan prefers to cut the

fruit when green and bake or boil it. The banana is a staple food which are prepared in various ways and forms a part of any and all meals of the Samoans.

The different varieties of bananas are grown in Samoa include the following:
(1) Fai Samoa (large banana that the Samoans were first acquainted with);
(2) Fai Papalagi (European banana) that is exported and receives its name from the fact that it finds favour with Europeans;
(3) Misiluti (Ladie's finger) a small sweet fruit;
(4) Faifanamanu (bush banana.)
Other varieties are: Mamai, Faiota, Pata, Talua (large banana) Soa'a, Sulasula, Faipipio, Tapua, Apuapu, Faipuputa, Faitoga.

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