- Gaybga (GB) : Gaybga which is also called GB refers to one the staple side dishes of Liberia, and is a food associated with those originating from the northeast part of Liberia, specifically the Nimba County. 'GB' is swallowed, not chewed. As described by some locals of the County, the 'GB' is prepared from cassava. The cassava is boiled, allowed to get cold a bit before pounding into a thick, smooth compound. To smoothen its way down the throat, a slippery soup called Worlor is prepared with dried meat and some bitter balls. Interestingly, some areas of Nimba, like the Yekepa area and Sanniquellie-Mahn and Gbehlay-Geh area prefer adding green grasshoppers to the soup and adding dried and pounded Zogloecaterpillars , respectively for flavor enhancement and additional nourishment.
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