Glossary from English to Hindi - Dried Fruits and Nuts (Mewa) 1. Dried Fruits Dried Apricot - Khumani Dates - Khajoor Dates Dry skin - Chhohara Fig - Anjeer Gooseberry Indian (Emblica) - Amla Prunes - Manukka Raisins - Kishmish Seedless yellow Raisins - Sultana 2. Nuts and Seeds Almonds - Badaam Cantaloupe Seed - Kharbooza ke beej Cashews - Kajoo Coconut - Naarial Khopra Flaxseeds - Alsi Gorgon Nut Puffed Kernel - Makhana Peanuts - Mungphali Pine Nuts - Chilgoza Pistachio Nuts - Pista Soft Pistachio - Chironghi Pumpkin Seeds - Kaddu Beej Safflower - Kusam Kusumbo Sesame Seed - Til Sunflower Seed- Sooraj-mukhi Watermelon Seed - Tarbooj ke beej Walnuts - Akhroat/ Akhrot

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