Gaisburger Marsch which literally means "March of Gaisberg" refers to the traditional Schwabian hearty stew (Eintopf) which made with beef (Ochsenfleisch), potatoes (Kartoffeln), carrots, and Spätzle. It originated in the Gaisburg District in the city of Stuttgart in Germany.

Gaisburger Marsch which is also known as Verheierte, Kartoffelschnitz und Spätzle or Böckinger Feldgeschrei was available at the Bäckaschmiede Restaurant in Gaisburg and this stew was their speciality. It is said that during the 19th century officers from nearby Stuttgart marched to Gaisburg to eat it, hence the name "Gaisburger Marsch" was laten given to this Schwabian local specialty.

Gaisburger Marschis said to be the national dish of Stuttgard.

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