Kalihim refers to one of the breads found in local bakeshops in the Philippines which has a red filling in the middle. It is a soft, sweet bread filled with red-colored bread pudding in the middle that is peeking out of the bread fold, hence it is also named Pan de Regla literally translated as "menstrual bread".

Other variities also came out with a violet filling, as if the bread is filled by sweetened violet yam (Ube Halaya). The bread texture inside is soft because of its filling that is made of stale bread, eggs, milk, vanilla, sugar and food coloring. The bread filling has other variations: the yellow-colored one with pineapple flavor. The filling or stuffing is just actually made from colored bread pudding using food coloring. As far as my experience, because this is one of my favorite bread, whether the filling is red, yellow or violet, the stuffing /filling taste the same.

Personal Note: It is one of my favorite bread as a child because the red filling and then later on the violet filling fascinates me as a child. I like also because of its softness. Thinking of Kalihim now while I am in Germany makes me wish I am home with my siblings and my mommy and daddy

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