Karkadeh refers to the Egyptian popular mint tea and a drink made with hibiscus leaves. Karkade (pronounced kar-ke-day) ?????? is an infusion made with the petals of hibiscus flowers. It is a popular drink in Egypt, served both hot and cold. When my dad lived here, he used cold karkade as a substitute for the cranberry juice he used to flavor his iced tea. (And I never visit him now without bringing along several bags!) In the summer, I love a cool glass of karkade! And since – if you buy the dried petals in bulk with your own container – this can be a completely plastic-free beverage, there is even more motivation to have plenty prepared and cooling in my fridge! This Hibiscus tea is sought after for its medicinal properties. Karkadeh which can be drunk hot or cold, is said to reduce high blood pressure and cools a person down on a hot day in the dessert.

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