Krauskohl is the German word for "Kale" (Brassica oleracea var. Sabellica) . Kale Krauskohl is also known in German as Grünkohl or Gruenkohl or Braunkohl in Bremen. himalia11 When you go to North Germany in winter, you will see quite a lot of restaurants serving dishes with kale. In German kale is called "Grünkohl" (green cabbage), but Bremen has a different name for it: "Braunkohl" (brown cabbage). I was very confused about this as kale is green and not brown! Anyway you can get all kind of different dishes with kale which is really interesting as we don't have this in restaurants where I live. Also in North Germany there's a whole culture around kale. They have "kale tours" where a group of people makes a longer walk to a restaurant where they eat kale. To make that walk more fun the do some games on their walk also, and they take a handcart with alcoholic drinks with them. It's something typically done in autumn or winter, as that's the season for this vegetable. Kale and pinkel , Bremen's favourite meal, consists of plenty of curly kale accompanied by a variety of rich meat dishes. Pinkel is a traditional type of sausage made with a particular section of pig's intestine stuffed with oatmeal. The dish is traditionally eaten on an excursion with friends or work colleagues, a quintessential Bremen custom known as a "kale and pinkel trip".

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