Kaeng is a Thai word for curry. Kaeng  is also a  word used in Thailand to show  that there is liquid in a dish. There are many varieties of Kaeng dishes from Thailand, some with red curry, some with green curry, among them are:

Kaeng Mat Sa Man, Kaeng Ka Ri, Kaeng Kai, Kaeng Nua, Kaeng Pla Duk, etc. 

Kaeng is also called Gaeng or Keng.

I  would like to think that Thailand is the land of thousand curries. I experienced this first hand when my husband and I visited Bangkok and our hotel offered us a buffet breakfast which didnot only include the usual bread, butter and egg, bacon, but a lot more, like seafoods, samosas, noodles, fruits, cereals, and of course different kinds of curries. I was really lost in words with so many dishes on the buffet table, that I didn't  know what to pick first. It was my first time to eat so many curries in my lifetime, very delicious curries with the distinct taste of Thai basil, lemongrass and kaffir lime and chilis with so many fresh vegetables with it, especially the fresh little eggplants. 


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