Kuhol is the Filipino word for edible snails known as Escargot in French and Schneken in German. Kuhol is most often cooked in the Philippines with coconut milk and they are now being served as an Appetizer in some big restaurants in the Philippines serving traditional Filipino food.

Kuhol cooked in coconut milk is called Ginataang Kuhol.

Kuhol is called Bisukol in Ilocano.


Personal Note: The last time I ate Ginataang Kuhol was when i was pregnant with my only child while I was still working as a Statistical Researcher in the Philippines. My office was near the school where my younger sister was studying to be a Physical Therapist. It was long time ago, my son is now 26 years old and my sister is now an accomplished Physical Therapist. I miss Ginataang Kuhol, but in Bremen, Germany whereI am living now with my German husband, I have no idea where to buy fresh Kuhol and cook Ginataang Kuhol, the Filipino way.

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Kuhol is the Filipino word for edible snail- Escargot is French and Schnecken in German. It is usually served as an appetizer in some native restaurants in the Philippines. It is usually cooked with coconut milk (Ginataang Kuhol) 

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