Milk tofu refers to one of Mongolia's dairy products. This food item can be made from either raw or cooked milk. To make raw Milk tofu, Mongolians put the milk in a warm area until it ferments. A ladle is used to stir it occasionally until coagulated and forms a Tofu-like texture. They then transfer the contents to a mold or a sack to drain off the liquid and then let it air dry. To make cooked Milk tofu, the liquid from making the white butter or the liquid from making Milk film is fermented, coagulated, and filtered through a cheesecloth sack. The coagulated milk is heated while stirring it until it becomes thick. It is then placed in a cloth sack pressing the yellow liquid out. The remaining solids are placed in a wooden mold, square or rectangular shaped, and left to air dry. The Mongolians consider the best Milk tofu to be white. This product is usually air-dried for storage to prevent molding. Dried Milk tofu is used for milk tea and it is also used by shepherds and long distance travelers.

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