Pollerías refer to rotisserie chicken restaurants in Peru where Pollo a la Brasa is sold. During the last Pollo a la Brasa Day, Pollerías is Peru offered special deals deals to attract local customers, especially families and even foreign visitors looking for a tasty Pollo a la Brasa. I have just eaten today Roasted Chicken sold in rotisserie carts around my city in Germany and mostly run by Turkish residents. The chicken are hot and freshly roasted and juicy. What I like about my particular rotisserie is not just the chicken but the friendly man who runs the place. Also, he also offers special deals, 3 half pieces (big ones) are only sold at 7 euros. Pollo a la Brasa reminds me also of home. In the Philippines we have our very own Lechong Manok which was popularized by Andok's.

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