Phrik Kap Klua refers to one of Thailand's dips which is made from a mixture of sugar, salt and crushed chilis. In Thailand, one of the common sights are roadside fruit vendors which sells ready-to eat fresh fruits, with raw pickled mangoes, ripe pineapples, fresh guavas, etc. along with these fruits is an ample supply of Phrik Kap Klua where sour fruits, like green raw mango or guava is dip before eating. Dried dips are one kind of Thai dips. Phrik Kap Klua is dried dip for fresh fruit snacks In the Philipines, we also eat sour fruits, like raw green mango, guava, pineapple, tamarid dipped in salt. In Ilocos, we combine salt and Sukang Iloco (vinegar). It might be quite amazing for other people from other cultures, but that is what we learned growing up. In Germany, we have a sour cherry tree which yields many fruits, but they are so sour so I eat them with with salt, just like how I eat Duhat in the Philippines.

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