Soppressa Veneta is a kind of salami that is one of the specialty product from Veneto, Region of Italy.
This salami is made traditionally with all pork meats, including prosciutto, shoulder and capocollo. The meat is grinded roughly and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and other natural herbs and spices. The final result is a bright red mix with evenly distributed fat streaks. Then, mixture is put into cow sausage skin that assumes the typical curved big bean shape when filled. It is smaller at the beginning and widens at the end. It weights about 3 Kg. (6.6 pounds).

At this point, in the traditional preparation, the salami is immerse in hot water and massaged by hand until it smooth and compact, then it was tight with a string and hang it to dry and mature for 5 to 6 days. It is aged for about two months before consumption. Traditionally, it was aged in wine cellars for a few months, until it developed a gray mildew on the outside
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