Schwenkbraten is one of the specialties of Saarland region of Germany made of grilled marinated pork neck called Schweinenacken or Schweinekamm in German. Summers in Saarland is incomplete without this dish as they are very fond of outdoor grilling, as most Germans enjoy during summertime.

In German, "Schwenk" means to swing back and forth. A grilling tool called Schwenker or Schwenkbraten Grill is used to prepare this dish. It is similar to a Rotisserie, but instead of spinning the meat like in the Rotisserie, the Schwenker swings the pork over the hoat coals to cook the marinated meat evenly.

A Schwenker is a swinging grill that hangs from a tripod and is available in many supermarkets or Baumarkt (DIY market), like Max Bahr especially during summertime.

Schwenkbraten is an integral part of Saarland celebrations and a summertime tradition that is not celebrated in Sarland alone, but has spread to most of Germany.

Personal Note: I am using a stationary grill to grill Wurst and marinated meat during summertime, but I have already seen a Schwenker many times and I intend to buy a Schwenker to bring home to my country on my next vacation as we are also fond of grilling in the Philippines. I like this German grilling method and I am sure my family way back in the Philippines will enjoy using a Schwenker.

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