Schlumbergerli which is also known as Schlumbis is a bread from Switzerland. It is one of the typical products from the Basel region. They are round, small loaves of crispy bread roll with a rosette shape, with irregular cracks and has a delicate crispy crust. It weighs about 40 to 50 grams.

It is said that the Schlumbergerli already exists in Basel since 1872 and is named after Amedée Schlumberger. The Basel-bread baker have created this as a response to Schlumberger's request. He was a banker from France who moved to Basel so he missed a particular bread from his country. As such, he requested a Basel baker to baked a similar bread for his family's consumption and which his family also served for special occassions in his house.

Schlumbergerli are typical bread which can be eaten daily for breakfast, as an accompaniment to main meals and as a snack with a savory or sweet fillings.

Other information about this Swiss product can also be found on the website of Culinary Heritage of Switzerland in German, French and Italian and Rumantsch languages.

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