How To Enjoy/Prepare Ice Cream 1. Always chill glasses before preparing the ice cream in it. This way it will stay stiff longer. 2. If making an ice cream, use aluminium containers instead of steel to set the ice cream faster. Also, place a thick plactic sheet or spread some salt under the container to keep it from sticking to the floor of the freezer. 3. Never try to refreeze ice cream which has melted completely due to reasons like electricity breakdown. The result will taste disastrous. Instead, add a favourite flavour or fruit and run in a mixer to make delicious milk shake. 4. For simple but decorative looking ice cream topping, take strawberries. Make incisions vertically from tip to base, to form slices, do not cut fully. Stop just below the base. Press sideways gently, to form a fan shaped strawberry. Crush nuts (any nut of your choice), nougat are also good as ice cream toppings. Fresh fruits eaten with ice cream, like bananas, berries, melons are very good additions to ice cream, too. 4. It is best to defrost the fridge before making ice cream, so that the base of the container is not jammed, as also the ice cream will set faster and better.

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