Tamago is the Japanese for "Eggs". Tamago are very popular in Japan. It is used in making vareities of dishes which can be srved in any type of meal, whether as snack or dessert. In Sushi Shops you can get eggs draped over rice as a closing course for a meal. Other dishes using Tamago are: Chirashi-Zushi consists of fine layers of omelet sliced into shreds and scattered over bits of fish and vegetables over bowls of vinegared rice. In Sukiyaki raw egg is used as a dip for slices of cooked meat. On Japanese farms raw eggs are served cold, whisked and poured over rice that is barely warm. Oyako-Donburi has a soft-scrambled mix of seasoned egg and chunks of chicken poured over rice. Tamago-Dofu is a delicate, semi-hard paste like tofu made of Tamago. Another type of egg, the quail eggs are used as toppings for soba noodles, and hard-boiled eggs are served with octopus, daikon and other items in stew pots of late-evenings Oden street stalls.
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