If the fish you want to cook or use is unavailable, you can substitute it with another kind of fish, as there are so many fish available for human consumption. Depending on the taste and texture of the fish, here are the kinds of fishes which you can use and substitute if none of the fish you want is not available: Taste and Texture: If you need: Thin, lean white meat with a delicate flavor. Fish which you can use: Flounder Orange Roughy Pompano Snapper Sole Taste & Texture: If you need a fish with medium-dense, light meat with a mild to moderate flavor Fish which you can use: Black Drum Black Sea Bass Butterfish Catfish Cod Croaker Grouper Haddock Monkfish Pike Pollack Rainbow Trout Redfish Sablefish Salmon Scup Sea Trout Spot Striped Bass Tautog Tilefish White Perch Whitefish Whiting Taste and Texture: If you need a medium-dense, fish with darker meat with a more pronounced flavor. Fish whihc you can use: Amberjack Atlantic Mackerel Bluefish Bonita Mullet Ocean Pout Shad Tuna Taste and Texture: If you need a thick, meat-like texture with a distinct yet moderate flavor. Fish which you can use: Halibut Mahi Mahi Marlin Shark Sturgeon Swordfish source: Virginia Seafood

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