Tsamarella refers to one of the authentic and traditional meat products from Cyprus made by de-boned goat’s meat which is cut initially in large pieces, salted and then left to dry in the sun. Once dried, it is then washed and sprinkled with dry oregano whose antibacterial action acts as a natural preserving agent and at the same time gives the meat an extremely tasty flavor. Tsamarella is served in the same way as Hiromeri. Likewise, Tsamarella is a very popular traditional meat delicacy. It is made of large pieces of goat meat slit with a sharp knife and salted. The pieces are then pressed under heavy weights and hung in the sun to dry for approximately 10 days. The meat is then dipped in hot water, seasoned with dried oregano and dried in the sun for another day. Tsamarella is served as a snack and is ideal with Zivania.

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