Tips & Hints: Choosing pie pans

The following are some of the few things and tips to consider when choosing the right pie pan that can improve the quality of the pie:

1. Choose heat-resistant pie pans or dull-finish aluminum non-stick pie pans; avoid pie pans with shiny finishes as they reflect rather than absorb heat resulting in soggy bottom crust.

2. Consider using pie pans with perforated bottoms; these types of pans actually conduct heat better than non-perforated types.

3. The standard size for a pie pan is 9”, but this only measures width, which can be deceiving considering how much the capacity (depth) may vary pan to pan; remember to measure twice and bake once.

4. Don’t use pie baking pans to make tarts, even if they are similar pastries; tart pans do exist, and have detachable bottoms for easy removal.

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